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Of The Happiest and Richest People On Earth
Make Tough Decisions, Stay Positive In Stressful Situations, And Make Money Anywhere They Go
Get Ready for the 2024 completely new and revised Happy, Rich, Mind Book by Bart Baggett.
The new 2024 book will be on Amazon, Audible and everywhere books are sold. 

You can still purchase the 2018 edition online at.
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What's Inside:
  • What are the 9 key personality character traits most self-made millionairespossess?
  • Use your own handwriting to discover any self-sabotaging thinkingpatterns.
  • What beliefs do rich & happy people have that poor and miserable peopledo not?
  • What is one activity that poor people do and rich people almost never do?
  • How to live in a "no-drama" zone and maintain life balance. 
  • Why owning your car or your house are not really assets to buildingwealth?
  • Discover how to turn the voice in your head into a prosperitymachine.
  • What questions do wealthy people ask that poor people do not?
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Bonus Video #1:
Toxic Vocabulary

Bonus Video #2:
Belief Systems And Your 
Next 30 Years
Bonus Video #3:
Roadblocks to Success

Bonus Video #4:
Goals Vs Outcomes
Bonus Video #5:
6 Human Needs
"Great book on reprogramming your life..."
Contains many useful techniques on how to become successful. Definitely a great read for anyone looking for success in life.
- Amazon Customer
"Simple, Revealing, and to the Point...."
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Each month I buy a book on development and by far this is one I keep going back to as a reference. In the 22 chapters you will learn Universal Truths, hidden secrets, and some obvious things to succeed that most overlook.

Bart has taken his many years of modeling successful people and looking at there handwriting to compile a very simply easy to understand outline that anyone who can read can follow. He defines what makes a person a millionaire and why most people are just getting by pay check to pay check while hating life.

The section on self-sabotaging traits alone is worth the entire price of the book. Consider the rest of the book a bonus.

After reading this book, I did buy his "Grapho-Deck" and have found the quick information in this deck of cards fun and very revealing.

I have still not found anything else on the subject that is simple, revealing, and to the point like this book is.
- Sean R.
"Easy-to-Read,, Fast and Insightful...."
Bart shares his insight in a charming and interesting way that is deceptively simple. And he knows what he's talking about, having been a savvy, successful entrepreneur and handwriting expert since the ripe old age of 14.

Buy it, read it, and read it again. I guarantee you won't look at things the same once you do.
- Amazon Cutomer
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Bart Baggett is an Amazon Best Selling Author, author of 10 other books, and has trained thousands of people worldwide to boost self-esteem, increase revenue, and increase self-awareness through his live seminars, books, and home-study courses.  This book is not available in bookstores or Amazon, yet.  This is a pre-publication offer you are getting the entire book, before it is available in stores.
This book is a roadmap that will guide you to living an extraordinary life of meaning and significance. You will discover the “mental map” of those special people who have created a life filled with emotional and financial wealth. Bart Baggett reveals a recipe for success than blends timeless wisdom with cutting edge psychological techniques, personality profiling, handwriting analysis, belief systems, self-talk, values, daily habits, meditation, NLP, and his own PRISM Life Design processes.
Finally, you can harness the power of your unconscious mind to work for you (not against you) to quickly create the life you really want.
The tools you need are already inside your brain.
This book will show you step-by-step how to reprogram your mind and have it help you create an extraordinary life with less effort and less frustration.
Using Bart Baggett’s PRISM Life Design foundations, you can learn new simple new habits that will lead to a lifetime of bigger, better, more fulfilling experiences.

There are rich people and there are happy people. And, there are those that are both. If you are not already rich or happy, then the choice is yours to find a better formula to guide your life. This book reveals that formula. This can be your textbook to design your life with clear purpose and more joy in every moment.
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